- With more than 40 years of experience in the mining sector both in Mexico and abroad, we offer services in engineering, fabrication, assembly, construction and maintenance, whether from designs by MITSA adapted to customer needs, or manufacturing according to customer specifications.

- We are specialists in personnel transport, whether via rail or in vertical or inclined elevators.

- We are specialists in mineral transport, whether underground or surface, by rail or conveyor belt, vertical lift with bucket conveyor, or by skips, headframes and sheaves.

- We are specialists in electro-mechanic assembly of equipment such as hoists, mills, screens, crushers, filters, flotation cells, etc.

- We are specialists in mineral storage, with hoppers, gates, chutes, etc.

- We are specialists in civil engineering, including the design and construction of warehouses, laboratories, offices, workshops, refining plants, etc.

Other markets

automotive public works industry